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03 June 2009 @ 09:20 pm
November Story  

We held hands in fear that we might lose each other in the crowd
The starry night embraced us in its dark hands
I couldn’t even remember the nights that I had been so lonely
Because no matter what, my heart wouldn’t let go

The seasons continue to change without a care.
The reflection of our shadows on the lake was lit by moonlight
My only fear is that those shadows will disappear.

Time seems to pass by us in a hurry, leaving behind only memories
The cold winds seemed soothing, passing by our warm hands
Intertwined they swung back and forth by our sides.

[How much longer until tomorrow?
What color would the skies be then?
Would you smile at me again?]

One day you’ll know what my tears meant
Until then, I want to hold hands and walk beside you
The winding road that we followed

[No matter if tomorrow never comes
The stars in the sky continue to twinkle
Blessing us with their beauty]

Wishing upon the stars
It’s sadder to know that we can’t share our happiness
I’m not alone; your warmth is my sign
There’s so many thing I want to tell you
But in the time we have together
It feels fine just being with you

Because the heart likes to linger on the thought of “maybe” even after years
The swaying trees sound like music
I can hear autumn making its fall
Why does November have to mark its end?